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Electronic parts for sale 






Ortel Return Path Photodiode Receiver Module 2860B-2E0




Removed from a Telecom/Video head end system that was supposedly working when shut down.  I have no way to test this device, so it is AS IS - I've set the price low accordingly.
The specification sheet is here http://www.emcore.com/assets/fiber/ds.2606B_PIN_Rx.pdf

bullet 5MHz – 200 MHz frequency range
bullet Flat response to + 0.5 dB
bullet High optical responsivity
bullet Ultra low optical return loss
bullet 75 ohm impedance-matched

 The 2606B CATV return-path photodiode module is a critical component for the delivery of high-performance interactive services for today’s twoway fiberoptic networks. These modules utilize PIN InGaAs photodiodes in robust 14-pin DIL packages that exhibit excellent sensitivity, low noise, and exceptional linearity in return-path optical links. The module incorporates a patented impedance-matching circuit, which optimizes very low noise gain in optical broadband receivers.

 Table 1. Pin Descriptions

·         ,2,3,4,5,6 Ground

·         7,8 Open

·         9 RF Out

·         10 Ground

·         11 Bias

·         12 Ground

·         13 Open

·         14 Ground

Eppley Laboratory, Newport RI, standard or Weston cell - one of the wires is broken, so while you may be able to fix it, I would consider this to be a display piece.  A standard cell is used as a voltage reference for calibration and measurement 




you can read about it here:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weston_cell  --- quoted below:

The Weston cell, invented by Edward Weston in 1893, is a wet-chemical cell that produces a highly stable voltage suitable as a laboratory standard for calibration of voltmeters. It was adopted as the International Standard for EMF in 1911.


The anode is an amalgam of cadmium with mercury, the cathode is of pure mercury, the electrolyte is a solution of cadmium sulphate and the depolarizer is a paste of mercurous sulphate.

As shown in the illustration, the cell is set up in an H-shaped glass vessel with the cadmium amalgam in one leg and the pure mercury in the other. Electrical connections to the cadmium amalgam and the mercury are made by platinum wires fused through the lower ends of the legs

I've sold the Mu-metal shield, so what is left is the tube only, I just haven't taken a new photo.




I've saved this 5 inch CRT for decades so I could build an oscilloscope with it, or do something else fun - but I have a scope and I'm out of space, so this has to go - I can't remember whether I removed it from a piece of mil surplus equipment, or whether it came separate (in which case it would be unused) --- I don't see marks from where it would have been installed, so it very well might be new/unused/surplus NOS or whatever you want to call it.  I'm sure it's OK, I wouldn't  save a bad tube, but I have not powered it up and tested it (to do that, I'd have to build that scope, right? and then I'd need to keep the scope and I'd have an even worse space problem than I have now) - so this is AS IS.  It is time to  move this from my collection of really cool and interesting stuff to yours.  The tube is marked "made in Holland" so I presume the real maker is Phillips.

you can find a data sheet for this tube here:

http://www.shinjo.info/frank/sheets/011/d/D13-480GH.pdf Salient characteristics are:

2KV anode voltage, Green phosphor, 6.3V 300 ma filament, Electrostatic deflection


Discrete Components

 Heatsink for TO-220 cases, Wakefield Part # 218-40CT5, 1.03"L X.5"W X.4"H

Mouser part # 567-218-40CT5

Data Sheet here: http://www.wakefield.com/PDF/Low%20Power%20Board%20Level%20Spec.pdf



20 cents ea

    Heatsink - for TO-92 - Aavid Thermalloy 575200B00000G, Mouser part 532-575200B00, ROHS compliant  Data Sheet here

approx. 12


10 cents each

 Heatsink - Black Anodized TO-220, AAVID Thermalloy, 532-530613B00 RoHS compliant

approx. 75


20 cents each

 Heatsink for TO-5, black anodized, AAVID thermalloy 532-323005B00  




5K Bourns Trimpot JAN RJR12FL502P MIL SPEC




$3 ea

Bourns 3296Z-1-101LF - 100 ohm, multi-turn - Digikey price $2.20, so $1 each (have around 15-20 of these)




Mouser 323-409H-5K - qty 762, with long knob, HZ, 5K - mouser's price is $1.19 each, so 50 cents each up to 50, 40 cents each for any qty above 50






JANTX carbon resistors, 1/4 watt 5%, Allen Bradley, pks of 50 
330 (5 pkgs)
1000 (3 pkgs)
2200 (3 pkgs) 50 per pack

11 packs new $5/pack  Click here for photo values are 330 ohms 5% 1/4 watt and 1000 ohms 5% 1/4 watt, and 2200 ohm 5%

Carbon film resistors 1/4 watt:


24 56 100 150 200 240 300 390 470 1,300 2,400 3,000 4,700 5,100 8,200 10,000 15,000 24,000 33,000 75,000 100,000 220,000 300,000 8,200,000

Carbon 1/2 watt

10 270 390 1,500 2,200 2,200 3,300 7,500 8,200 8,200 10,000 12,000 13,000 24,000 33,000 43,000 47,000 56,000 100,000 470,000 680,000 2,200,000 10,000,000

Carbon 1 watt

10,000 47,000

  quantity of each value varies new 5 cents each

1% metal film

1/4 watt:
390, 1K, 20k, 220k, 1M

1/2 watt:

10, 10.2, 13.3,15,16,20.5,24,26.1,32.4,40.2,51.1,56.1,64.9,82.5,

102, 120, 130, 160, 240, 261,324, 380,402, 511, 620,649,680,825

1.02k 1.3k 1.62k 1.87k 1.96k 2.05k 2.42k 2.61k 3.24k 4.02k 5.11k 6.49k 8.25k

10.2k 12.1k 13.0k 13.7k 15k 15.8k 16.2k 16.5k 17.4k 19.6k 2.05k 26.7k 75k 100k 222M

1 Watt - 685K, 150K


1.3 1.5 2 2.7 10 13 20 68 1k 3k 4.7k 20k 100k 110k 150k 180k 240k 470k

1/4 watt RND60 type 1 and 2%

1K, 1.62k, 1.69k 7.78k 1.91k 2.05k 2.15k 2.26k 2.34k 2.67k 2.74k 10k 10.2k 20k 75k 300k 475k

  quantity of each value varies new 5 cents each to 25 cents each depending on power, etc brown boxes:
16.5K (1 boxes)
470K, 2W, 5%, carbon film

large bags: price per 100, but I'm going to weigh them not count them, so you won't get an exact number
75K $3.50
24K 1/2W 5% carbon $4
16.2K $4.50
new metal film (I think)
100K (?2W?) in pkgs of 100 $3.50 per pkg
121 ohm 1% ?2W? same price as above, packed by weight (brown red brown red, with yellow tolerance band)

4.7K 1/4 watt carbon pkgs of 200 $2 per pkg

2 watt 120 ohm  25 cents each new .25 ea

240 ohm 5 watt, 470 ohm, 380 ohm new $1 each ten for $8

bag of used carbon resistors 1 bag, a hundred or two resistors used $5 including shipping Click here for photo 



 MPSA64 - PNP Transistor, Fairchild, RoHS compliant - Mouser PN 512-MPSA64  Data sheet

MPSA18 - NPN Transistor, Data sheet

KSC1845BU NPN 120V 50 ma  Data Sheet

PN918  NPN RF  transistor  Data Sheet 100 new 5 cents each

10 cents each transistors, TO-5 (TO-39) case
2N5322 (aprox 2000 of these) PNP http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/stmicroelectronics/9039.pdf


2n5320 (box of 700) NPN http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet2/e/0zh4c89gc0se0xxwh8r0z6hyoo3y.pdf  mouser price for 2n5320 is $1.25, 2n5322 is $1.75, so 1/2 of that price, quantity determined by weight (so count will be inexact)
many new MJE15030G - npn 8A 150V TO220 - digikey price $2.20 each, $1.10 each new MT P2P50E TMOS power FET, 2A 500V, RDS (on) - 6 ohm - $2 each, 20 for $30 new



CQ725G HV Schottky rectifier - If = 10A, VRRM=100V, Vf .65 - 50 cents each
1n5408 3 amp 1000V 10 cents each
1n4007 1 amp 800V 5 cents each

1M5239B-T - diode, zener 9.1V 500 mw, 5%, DO-35  5 cents each

new various large diodes, 150 amp to 300 amp about 12 used $7 ea, ask if you want a bunch click to enlarge
I have 5 of the ones on the left, two of the next, (1N1662 275A,150-V) and the rest only as shown.  the rightmost one is an SCR (the SCR is sold).  next to it is 1N3088 (400V 150A).  to get an idea of size, click on the image - the squares on the background are 1/4 inch



4X3 inch heatsink with diodes (I looked up one diode, it's 1N1183, 35A, 30V., the other diode is IR34150 2 used $6 each, $9 both

Diode assembly - 30 diodes, 1n4005 1 new $4



Sockets and Connectors


 Mouser part number 534-4514, "Socket 4 TO3 W/Tabs - Keystone Transistor Sockets.  ROHS compliant about 50 New, ROHS compliant $.75 ea mouser sells for$1.75 each

 Connector  Header, 12 position, .1 spacing ROHS compliant, gold plating, Digikey WM4910-ND, MOLEX part number 70553-0011 - Digikey price is $2.37 each about 32 new $1 each

bayonet based pilot light sockets (like hold a #47 bulb) ten cents each 50 to 100 new .10 ea

 Single and Double fuse holders, as shown -  50 to 100 new 15 cents/30 cents each


Integrated Circuits surface mount parts:

LM78M05CDT Mouser part # 511-1.78M05CDT  5.0V .5A positive ST voltage regulator TO-252701 751s  (op amp, 8 pin)

18LF1220 microprocessor 74154 14 new? $0.50 ea 4 to 16 decoder  (TTL) 4164 - inquire, may all be sold a few used $1 ea 64KX1 DRAM 8031 2 used, tested $2 ea CPU for embedded use - keyboard, controllers, etc z-80 ? CPU, used




Inductors and Chokes .448 thick, 1.075 OD, .568 ID, marked 105871 55039A2 0, gray colored 

.263 thick, .501 OD, .300 ID, brown colored, no marking 

I found the spec sheet for the torroids, here
It is from their MPP series, read about that series here  They say: MPP cores possess many outstanding magnetic characteristics, such as high resistivity, low hysteresis and eddy current losses, excellent inductance stability after high DC magnetization or under high DC bias conditions and minimal inductance shift up to 2000 gauss under AC conditions. Applications include Flyback Transformers, Buck/Boost and Power Factor Correction (PFC), Inductors, In-Line Noise Filters, High Q Filters, and Resonant Circuits. I have probably 100 of them (haven't counted),  - shipping depends on quantity, but will never be more than $11 within the USA ~100 new .25 ea pkg of 5 common mode chokes, "33 ohms 100 Mhz, 10A" Steward Ferrite EMI 

Common Mode Choke, ROHS compliant, Mouser P/N 875-CM19222X330R-10 - ten cents each  $9 for all


  EMI filter, Vishay Sprague 20VLSS10 (.01 at 250VAC) bags of 250 $15 3 bags new $15 per bag 2.2 uf 35V 10% (tantalum, I think) marked 225K new 10 cents ea


7 uf 50V

radial lead electrolytic



25V 1000 uf 20%

radial lead electrolytic


Mouser 140-XR1.25V1000-RC

3440pf 500V 1%

Radial lead mica



5pf 500VDC

Radial lead mica


MCD15CD050D03, Mouser 5982-15-500V5

1000 pf 100V 1%

Radial lead mica



680pf 300v

Radial lead mica



2100 pf 1%

Radial lead mica



33 pf 5% ? V

Radial lead mica



20 pf

Radial lead mica



10 pf

Radial lead mica



470pf 500V 5%

Radial lead mica



225p 100V

radial lead



 Mallory HC2540A 4000uf 25V 7 new $6 ea in box, black plastic case  

bullet 0F40-504, 0.5 mfd, 4000VDCW, Ext'd foil  2 used $5 ea Plastic Capacitors in Chicago, Red colored glass case with screw terminals
bullet 0F50-254, 0.25 mfd, 5000VDCW, Ext'd foil 1 used $4 ea
bulletPlastic Capacitors in Chicago, Red colored glass case with screw terminals .
bullet0047 uf 15,000V many new $5 ea yellow colored, axial leads, mylar? 
bulletMPE-11-N, 10% tolerance, F-DYNE 45 uf   440 AC 1 used $15 marked "internal fuse"
bulletoil type 8uf  660 AC 1 used $10
bulletoil type 0.5 uf 1500DC, rectangular shape 1 used $8
bulletoil type 4uf 1000DC 1 used $12
bulletoil type 2 uf 1000DC 1 used $8
bulletoil type 0.1 uf 2000DC 1 used $8
bulletoil type 2(?) uf 600DC 1 used $5
bulletoil type 10 uf 600DC 1 new $20
bulletoil type 1uf 600 DC 1 used $8
bulletoil type 10 uf 440AC 1 used $10
bulletoil type 2X0.5 uf 600DC 1 used $5
bulletoil type 3.8,0.05uf 300AC 1 used $2
bulletoil type (ballast) 1uf 400v 1 used $5
bulletoil type 7.5uf 165AC 1 used $5
bulletoil type 40 uf 660 VAC 1 used $10
bulletoil type 48 uf 330 VAC 1 used $10
bullet oil type 4 uf  370AC 1 used $8
bulletoil type 10 uf 1000DC 2 used $15


 1 used $50 High voltage mica capacitor:
.001, 25 amp, 25KV, mica capacitor (mica is the best,
lowest loss), Nice aluminum case (it's dusty in the photo), ceramic insulator.


Sigma 70R4 3 new $3 ea 4PDT 12VDC coil, contacts are 2 amp at 28 VDC or 120 VAC Magnecraft W171DIP-19, Mouser part number 528-171-19, Reed Relays SPST-NC W/DIODE 12V, 1200 ohm coil - Digikey pricing is $6 each aprox 50 new, ROHS compliant $3 each SPST, 12V 16Amp 3PDT relay, 24Vac coil, spade socket mount (

Finder General Purpose relay, 3PDT 16Amp, 24Vac coil, Spade socket mount, or .187 faston connectors

sockets and retainers for above 12 new, ROHS? $8 each




Motorola 25C800144C 1 used $10 110AC, 6.3 and 5V AC, ?? HV, may have come from a TV - workis Motorola 25D835532O 1 used $10 same comment as above Stanley S-1360 reactor, 0.8 HY, 20V 800 cy, 50 ohms DC 1 used $6 also marked TF1A04YY REACTOR, olive drab colored

last updated 03/16/2017