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All parts in the table below are used, from an 87 944S, unless specified otherwise, and as appropriate tested and working.

DME control unit, 944.618.124.01  $285 

- this control unit is used on the 944s, and is different from the turbo and normal.

 brake reservoir -  needs new outlet for clutch master cylinder glued in place (or already had a replacement glued in place)
 dash board, AC outlets, etc,  
944S flywheel with gear $125 DME (fuel pump) relay - resoldered, tested OK $16

Wiper delay control from a 1987 Porsche 944. very good condition  944.613.115.00, works properly  $16

Rear defrost switch from a 1987 Porsche 944. very good condition  944.613.117.00, works properly $14


Complete parking brake handle assembly without switch, bolts, etc (sold the switch and bolts). Came out of an 87S, but it looks to be leather covered, which would (according to the parts book) make it appropriate for a turbo. Very nice condition, everything works  $35

From the parts book this item has:
* 928 424 253 14 hand brake lever * 944 424 049 00 hand brake cover, leather (black) * 928 424 527 00 pin * 900 084 004 02 hexagon nut * 914 424 258 00 guid sleeve * 901 424 593 01 rubber ring * 901 424 543 00 pressure spring * 900 120 040 02 rivet * 928 424 523 12 push button * 928 424 355 12 push rod * 928 424 541 14 locking segment * 928 424 508 00 ratchet * 901 424 509 01 stop * n 010 239 22 bolt, hex M8X8 * 900 027 015 01 lock ring

If you need more of the assembly, such as the connecting link, springs, etc, just ask

Distributor rotor (S only), used but good $5  

Driver's side door latch assembly available $25 

rear glass (hatch) in excellent condition $400


side marker lights - rear left/right and right front $14 each
Complete Central Electronics assembly with all relays, etc $250 Hood release  cable $15
plastic cover for turn signal switch $11   
944 S cam and crank "gear" - toothed pulley - wider than the NA and turbo $18 rear window defrost switch $18
Used Rear speaker fader control Removed from a 1986 Porsche 944 in which I was installing a new radio - I removed this control and installed a blank cover with an alarm LED in it - the control was not connected when I removed it so I cannot attest to it's complete functionality.  $8.00

Part number 944.645.054.00, this control was installed in 1985.5 and later cars from what I can tell - when I bought an 85.5 new it had one of these - they go in the far right hand opening in the console.



wiper arms $12 each, both for $20
This is the ignition control module (Porsche calls it "ignition switch unit), part number 9280602-706-01, mounted to "heat dissipater", 035-905-357A.  Car was running but was hit, I can't test this unit any more, but I have no reason to believe it was hurt, so it should be OK.  On the 944s, it is mounted just in front of the left front wheel, under the headlight bucket. 

Since the part number begins with 928, I presume that it also is used on some models of 928, and possibly on some 911s also.


OEM alarm horn $10

Headlight bar, recently replaced, good, $45

944 horn, high tone $10 Air Flow sensor -worn unit, suitable for rebuild (not the one in the picture) $25 - includes S air filter connector if you want it
  heat shield to protect right side motor mount from hot exhaust $10 <<< I think this is sold, I can't find it any more
passenger side electric window switch, $15 Throttle cable $10.00
rear window, Right side only available $25 glove box with mounting bracket $25
Hatch glass $400, wing $100 Bell housing ($18), Transmission, wiring harnesses - ask
Alternator harness $8  
Crankshaft pulley for ribbed belt (harmonic balancer), power steering, and balance shaft drive - $15 each
set of flywheel screws, good, $15
944 brake hoses - steel hoses and flexible hoses from rear, good condition $15  

last updated 07/14/2021