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1 HP variable frequency AC drives 

Allen Bradley Cat 22A-D2P3N104 controllers input is 3 phase 342 to 538 V (i.e., 440V), .75KW

manual available from Allen Bradley on line, one is missing plastic cover over terminals.  Got these off e-bay, seller sent wrong item (I wanted a 220V unit) 

$60 each, both for $100

BISON DC Gearmotor 1/8HP 90 VDC 1.5AMP 222 in-lb 33RPM

This is a nice, tested and working BISON brand DC gear motor.  Gear ratio is 60:1, model 507-01-109A, 1/8 HP, 90VDC, 1.5 amp.  Clean condition, shaft and keyway are in good shape (5/8 inch shaft).



Fluoroware ES-1C-PM-03 Panel Mount single  ESPY fluid detection sensor probe - used for leak detection, or fluid presence - this is a capacitive type probe, details here 

Configuration: Single channel output, stand-alone
Remote Sensor Cable Length: 3 meters
Input Voltage: 10-30 VDC
DC Solid-State Output with LED: NO, Sinking (NPN) and Sourcing (PNP)
Current Rating (Output): < or = to 100 mA
Operating Current (No Load): 13 mA maximum
Mounting: Panel mount
Operating Temperature: 0 to 55C
Over Current Protection: 1 amp maximum
Hazardous Location Approval: Yes
European Community Conformity: Yes

serial number 02628


Tested/ working DC motor controller - Circuit board is marked MINARIK MA627-1 type 1, label on frame says Part Number 55129 for 1/4 HP shut motor 115V field, 115V armature, 6 amp line fuse (fast blow) input 115VAC 50/60 Hz.

Includes braking resistor as shown. Connections from left to right are as follows:

  1. field +
  2. 115V
  3. 115V
  4. common
  5. speed adj -
  6. speed adj +
  7. speed adj wiper
  8. Armature +

Note that the speed adjustment is already connected, just connect power to terminals 2 and 3, connect the motor armature to 4 and 8, and the field to 4 and 1. If you are using a permanent magnet motor connect the motor to 4 and 8 only. To brake the motor, provide a DPDT switch and connect the braking resistor across the armature in one position and connect the armature to the controller (terminals 4,8) in the other position.