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Misc. items for sale

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Windsor Bicycle, as ridden by Eddie Merckx, bought new in about 1972, Campagnolo Nuovo Record pedals/chainwheel/deraileur and Cinelli handle bars, tube, etc.  Absolutely top end bicycle, very light weight.  This is the "professional" model, the very high end of this line.

More information on this bicycle, photos, etc.  $750 or best offer

RF source selection switch AMCO brand, $10
There are no markings or makers numbers on this thing - the mirror has some scratches, but it might polish out just fine, - the mirror rides on small ball bearings, and there are two spring loaded detent pins. Optical Bench item - gold oval mirror, a half tubular housing, and bearings - it is mostly aluminum  $8
Near new condition, Viewlex slide carrier, for 35mm and 2"X2: slides - for use with models V-3, V-33, V02C and V-22C.  It has V33-L and V35-L written on it in pencil so it may work with those models also.

Standard Electric Time Company timer, Catalog 601-600, 6RPM, Model S-10-BA, 115VAC 60 Hz, the MDAC property tag tells you it was surplussed from McDonnel Douglas Aircraft a long time ago - nice condition, works  $10



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No, no no, WAIT, it's R@@RE and VINTAGE, and ANTIQUE, and L@@K and all that rot - nah!, 
it's just a very cool old lineman's handset in presentable but not pristine condition. Flexible 
rubber covering shows some abrasion, but is still flexible. The part of the dial that has the 
numbers and letters on it is enamel so you don't wear them off by using it (when did Bell 
stop doing this? before the 50's if I remember right, but they may have continued later for 
these handsets). The cord is cloth covered wire, in good condition, solid copper alligator 
clips work well - the only defect I see is that the cover over the earpiece is missing - 

This is a BECO (Bell Companies, I presume) Dial type lineman's handset. I have tested it 
and I can make calls on it, dial works correctly, etc. When I was younger, I thought it 
would be "way cool" to have one of these hanging from my tool belt - but now it's just a vintage phone item look at the pictures and judge for yourself.



. with the kids - made by Scintilla Rail and Power Works, New York - tested it with a light bulb, all seems well  
with on-off switch


$2 each Power adapters - US style two prong plug to UK style 3 prong plug

Unopened pair of TDK Compact Mini Headphones that are supplied, as you can see, in a cassette 
case, and the headphones store in a plastic holder shaped like a cassette, with a reel to wind up the cord. 

The insert has a 1989 date, so these are now 16 years old, never opened - in fact, they may 
have collector value because of that - and anyway, cassettes are so "1980s", right?

On the back, it says the specifications are:

* Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
* sensitivity 85dB @ 1kHz
* Maximum input 50 mw
* Impedance 32 ohm
* driver units 13mm ferrite magnets



Military dipole antenna center piece - the ends unscrew, there is a silicone rubber part inside 
and then a copper connector for the antenna wire.


$18This is the original owners manual for an Electrolux Model R canister vacuum cleaner, sold from 1959 to 1963 - I listed the vacuum itself a year or so ago for a friend, and he just found this manual.  There is a small tear in the cover, otherwise, I would say this manual is perfect.  The original sales slip, dated 1961 is stapled to the manual also.

note - if you see lines on the image, that's an artifact of the way the browser shows the picture

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Fastco Model7190-1811 motor, Type U90B1  NEW, works perfectly, includes grounded power cord and on/off switch 
bullet 115VAC 60 Hz 1.8 amp, single phase TEFC (totally enclosed, fan cooled) 
bullet Sealed ball bearings 1/4 inch shaft, 1750 RPM 
$20 plus shipping (within us Shipping is $15)


 analog power supply
click to enlarge
 This is a home built power supply that I built in the mid 70s - for some reason that I no longer remember, I have disconnected the regulator, so it now provides filtered unregulated power (at about plus and minus 18VDC) - on the front panel are three 5-way binding posts, a power switch, a 24V indicator lamp, and a voltage adjustment pot.  The regulator is a dual tracking regulator, so if you reconnect it you will have plus and minus voltages - I used this for op-amp circuits at the time and I had it set to 15 v, as I recall.
I have tested that the basic power supply works, but I have not looked at the regulator, 
I'm cleaning up here, this needs to move on to a new home. 
 The transformer is like new, and all parts are high grade components. 
$7.50 Tyco Power Pak 56A probably from late 50s or early 60s, - 1-18V DC for trains, 22VAC for accessories, 115VAC input, exactly as pictured - I've added a small On/Off switch to it on the right side (not quite visible in the photo) - used this with a model train set  

pipe reamers - vintage, $4 each

  click for larger picture
Dial Pointer collection -$15 ea � this is a plastic tube with replacement dial pointers, 
the white and orange ones did not originally come with the set � 
they are ones I saved from discarded radios.
click here for data sheet, back side of data sheet Caltron model 100 Phono cartrige - new, in box, but quite old - 
includes data sheet for the cartridge, for the tone arm (not included) and for a 
phono preamp (also not included)


$125.000  Stripall thermal wire stripper � like new condition, includes temperature control � made by Kinetics
Also have one of these available that is much older and does not have the temperature control
to use, put the wire to be stripped into the jaws and squeeze � 
the jaws heat up and melt the insulation � very useful for Teflon insulated wire.   
The ones with the temperature control are sold, one without is available for, $45 if I can find it - 
I've been looking all over for it and you know how it is....

But, I have some other strippers (see below)

   Ideal Industries Model 45-135 Thermal Wire Stripper 

Production type thermal wire stripper with a 9 position switch (off through HI) to set the 
power delivered to the stripper elements.  This was surplus from North American Aviation 
(which became North American Rockwell, then Rockwell, and now it's Boeing).  
115VAC 60 Hz, 1 Amp input.  The date tag (the white tag at the top rear) says "service only", 
Oct 17, 1977, due Jan 17, 1978.  So, one can imagine that it became surplus between those two dates.  
I've had it for a long time. I've tested it (12/2002) and it still works just fine.  
If you want it to look like new, you can unscrew 4 screws on each side, 
and then you can slide the top out and turn it up-side down to expose a nice new gray top, 
and you can swap the sides to expose the nice new gray sides.   
I kind of like it as is because it shows some history.

$45.  OEM jack, 6 1/4 inches high fully closed, works well, from a friend's garage - never rusted or trashed 
 I don't know what car it fits, looks like a GM  or Chrysler product, orignal color was black, 
there is plenty of black paint on that is clearly original.  
No markings that I can find. I have another one that has red paint on it and is a little taller

VINTAGE PLEWS METAL two QUART OIL CAN with POUR SPOUTThis item came out of the basement of a friend - it's been there for a very long time, never used.  
2 Quart liquid dispenser - used typically for measuring oil from a bulk container to pour into your car - excellent item for a vintage garage display - it is galvanized, on side (pictured) says "two quart liquid", the other side says NYC-PA aproved type 0 10  and in a triangle it says 61 MINN  in the lip on top it says "fill to point".



Audio gear


This is a tape recorder motor - as you can see in the photo, it is clearly dated 5 1956.  I don't find any other markings suggesting brand, I'm speculating that it is for a Revere (or maybe Wollensak) machine - it looks like what I remember for those machines, but I could be wrong.

It has an aluminum 4 bladed fan, a steel drive wheel that looks like it accommodated both a belt and a wheel (for the capstan and the take-up reel, presumably.  It has cloth covered wire (green/yellow) connected to an old style 2 pin plug.  The unit would hang from a chassis with the drive wheel protruding through a hole, with belts and wheels on top.  The rubber grommets are nice and flexible. 

I've tested it by connecting to 115VAC and it runs well (although a little oil on the bearings after 50 years would make it happier) and appears to have lots of life left in it.

$15 or best offer

     VARITRAN brand variable transformer.  This is something like a Variac brand transformer, but instead of a torroidial core, it has a standard transformer configuration with a carbon wheel wiper.  the model number stamped on the name plate is VL-0.  $30

with 110AC input, output is 0-36V 

This unit must be pretty rare, when I do an internet search the only reference I find is this site that you are on now 

    Phonograph motor and idler wheel.  

Motor is from an inexpensive portable record player.  It is marked 117V, Alliance, Feb 4, '69, 300-8.  Has a second low voltage winding that powered a transistorized amplifier - I believe it's 17VAC.


Idler wheel is 2 inches in diameter, shaft is, I believe, 1/4 inch.  it has a pressed in bronze bushing.  I don't know if the idler wheel was from the same phonograph.

$5 each, or make offer for both  


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