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Overview of Vacuum Chucking for Wood Turners

My long article on vacuum pumps and chucks PDF (Adobe Acrobat)   or  MS Word

How to hook up a vacuum system

see also the meters and gauges page
Thomas 2750TH152/48-xxx Pump, 220/240V 2.5 amp motor, mearued 29 inches of vacuum - good condition.  These are two stage pumps, with the two cylinders in series for maximum vacuum. I have two of these - both with excellent vacuum - this would be a good pump if you need maximum vacuum to hold small items.  Tested 12/1/13

The Thomas site data on this pump is here and the data sheet is here
Thomas 2750 FEATURES
Two cylinder, in-line
Oil-less, non-lube piston and cylinder
Permanently lubricated bearings
Stainless steel valves with Patented recessed inlet valve
Head design allows easily replaced piston seal
Lightweight die cast aluminum components
Thin wall, hard-coated aluminum cylinder for maximum heat transfer
Twin fans provide cooling air through and around motor and cylinders
115 Volt, UL recognized motor and thermal protector
Balanced for smooth, low vibration operation
Field service capability
Intake filter
All wetted aluminum parts treated for corrosion protection from moisture
CE approved 220-240 volt 50 hertz models.
$out of stock
Thomas 2660CE/48  Pump, 115V 5.6 amp motor,

I have three pumps, one pulls 16", one 17", a third is a 2650CE37, it pulls 15", but it comes with a reservoir and anti-vibration mounts.

17" vac, $70

The Thomas site data on this pump is here and the data sheet is here
Thomas 2660CE/48

$price varies based on pump performance,  plus shipping.

Model Number


Product Family / Type

2660 Series

Operating Mode




Vacuum Flow Rate

4.6 cfm

130.3 l/min

Vacuum Continuous

27.1 in.Hg

-920 mbar

Max Intermittent Vacuum

27.1 in.Hg

-920 mbar

Max Vacuum Restart



Energy Supply






Motor Rating


608.0 W

Current Drawn

5.3 A

Motor Type

Permanent Split Capacitor

Motor Protection Class



1675 rpm


17.60 lb

8.00 kg

Ambient Temperature, min.

50 F

10 C

Ambient Temperature, max.

104 F

40 C

Average Noise Level



0.48 in

12.2 mm

Becker Type D-63A2P, looks new, includes a silencer (visible in photo) and a vacuum regulator built in (hidden mostly by the silencer)

click to enlarge

3 phase, 220V, see link below for static inverter

$165 plus shipping

GAST Model 0211-V87A-G8C  

1/6 hp vane pump, tested good, 21 in vacuum

the manual for this pump is on line here 0211 at the GAST site though the exact model number doesn't appear.  1.3 CFM open flow.


110VAC, 60 hz

$125 plus shipping



various vacuum gauges, various sizes, mostly used $5 to $25 each, no charge for shipping if bought with a pump.  

Filters, suitable for use with all the smaller pumps, the red ones are all sold now. 
Do not run your pump without a filter.  Some new, some used, all good condition and ready to use.
$12, no charge for shipping if bought with a pump.   I'm pretty mch out of filters, please inquire.



click on diagram to the left to see my recommended connection for vacuum pump to your lathe. 
For more information on vacuum chucks, including lengthy article on vacuum pumps and their use in woodturning, choose the articles that interest you below

bullet Vacuum Chuck Briefing, March 2002
bullet long article on vacuum chucks

If interested, contact me at (note that this is a picture of my e-mail address, not a link - this is a trick to keep the e-mail address collecting robots from finding my address and sending me tons of spam - feel free to copy this trick on your own sites if you wish)

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