Briggs and Stratton (for parts)


Briggs and Stratton Engine (for parts) - I believe this is a Model "N".  The flywheel is stamped 55 L (Dec 1955).  Crank is scored but can be cleaned up, connecting rod needs to be replaced, Ignition is complete and works, Exhaust valve is missing, exhaust valve seat will need to be reground. Old style open crank case ventilation. Vane type governor is intact, 2" piston diameter, piston is in good condition, no significant scoring on cylinder walls.

I used to repair lawn mower engines, this was left over - I believe the original color of the block was black.  The  oil pan is probably later, but it has the old style (metal) drain plug, not the new pathetic plastic one.  Need space in garage, time for this to go.

$25 -or make me an offer -  I'd like to see it put to use rather than taking up space in my garage.  Will part out.







updated - 01/21/2012