Parts List

Description Source Name
Thomas Dual Piston Wobulator type Pump - 220 AC me Click Here Vacuum Pump
1/4 npt pipe, galv pipe
1/4 NPT "T" fitting Plumbing supply T
1/4 inch pipe nipple hardware/plumbing store 1/4 inch pipe nipple
1/4 inch NPT T fitting Plumbing supply T fitting
1/2 inch ID hose with clamps hardware store hose
1/2 inch ID "flexible riser" tubing with 1/4 NPT adapters at each end (1/4 inch pipe nipples) Hardware store Tubing

I finally got around to finishing up the connection to my lathe - it draws about 22 inches - here is
my setup for anyone interested: The lathe is a Stubby 1000, so the Vacuum port is built in

From the vacuum port, which is threaded for 1/4 inch pipe, I have a T fitting -
one end has an adapter to 1/2 inch ID hose (about 2 feet) the other end has
a gauge on a long nipple so I can see it over the head stock.

The hose goes to another adapter back to 1/2 inch pipe, and then through
another adapter into a 3/8 T - the T connects to a valve (standard water
valve), and the other end of the valve opens to ambient air through a length
of 3/8 pipe (to keep the hiss down when the valve is opened).

The other end of the T goes to a dust and moisture trap (bought a long time
ago at sears) - has a clear bowl so I can see when it needs to be cleaned.

From the moisture trap, I have 10 feet of "flexible riser" tubing - this is
1/2 inch ID tubing used for sprinklers - it's pretty flexible - it snakes
around a bit and ends up near the ceiling of my shop where I have the pump

The exhaust from the pump goes through a length of pipe and a T fitting - a
sort of poor man's muffler.

I'm using a 220 v pump but it is otherwise the same as the one's I've been
selling here (1/3 hp, two pistons).  Why did I put it near the ceiling?
well, I wanted it out of the way.  Since it's 220V, I had to put in a
special outlet for it somewhere (and a switch), so I put it there.  By being
near the ceiling, it's relatively far from any dust and flying chips, so it
should stay fairly clean.  And, I won't trip over it or have it fall off the
table.   I mounted it with two angle brackets to the 2X4 top plate of the

Last Updated 07/14/2021