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Oliver Lathe

Delta Surface Grinder

Westinghouse 1/2 HP motor, 1725 RPM, repulsion/induction,s very old, works well, good to add to that collectible piece of machinery that needs a vintage motor. Currently wired to run from 110 AC.  Notice unusual oilers and nice brass nameplate  $125
Craftsman Rotary Surface Planer, for ACCRA arm saw, 605.29510, used but in good condition, the brown you see in the planer blades is sawdust not rust.  with the paper, box, etc.  $35
Proton Radio - click here >>>New Page 1  
NOS, unused, in original box - four boxes, each containing two pairs of the ear insert cushions for the ear-valv hearing protector - if you have one of these devices, these are getting pretty hard to get.  many folks used these on firing ranges and around loud machinery.

You can read about the ear-valv here:

You can read an army evaluation of the unit here

WHIRLPOOL/MAYTAG/KITCHENAID/ROPER/Speed Queen 104P4 RT5 tool, with instruction sheet - looks complete, except for the "motor shaft cap", I can match up every other part shown in the diagram on the instructions.  If you have dimensions for the cap, I can make one for you and include it.

This tool is used for removing the fluid drive bearings and for removing the motor pulley (particularly when the tapered pin shears).  Instructions are marked Speed Queen, but I believe this same tool is used on all washers with a fluid drive assembly - the listings I found for it show a price of $325.00



3/8" x 800 CT6 Series Screwdriver Tip for W100PG, W100P3 Soldering Iron

3/8" x 800 CT6 Series Screwdriver Tip for W100PG, W100P3 Soldering Iron
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bulletTips are solid copper plated with iron all over
 Nickel and chromium behind the working surface
 Designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip
 Individually packaged

$2 per package, discount if you buy several Weller
"MT" Series Replacement Tips

For Marksman irons.
Weller "Longlife" tip is made of copper core which is electroplated with iron to extend the lifetime of the tip.
Nickel and chromium protect the shank from corrosion and solder creep.
Tips are pre-tinned in the working area with solder.
Designed for maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip

$2 per package $3

Schauer extension adapter for compression tester, new, in box, but box is damaged, as shown $5
$9.00 Augat TX8136-13X13 IC insertion tool - adjustable height - for production assembly ops, surplussed from a research lab, if I remember right.

  $65.00 This is a Tumico Vernier Height Gage Gauge - 22 inches tall, in great shape.  It was surplussed from Litton systems (I can tell this because it has a Litton Systems calibration sticker on it that says to recalibrate Jan 23, 2007).  This gauge has a knob on the base that you turn to move the scribe up/down - the knob actuates a Acme thread via a set of bronze gears in teh base.  Because the knob is on the base, and the base is very heavy, you don't risk rocking the gauge when you change the scribe height.  It also has a quick movement button that disengages the scribe assembly from the acme screw so you can slide it to where you want it quickly.

The back side of the gauge has a glass scale that goes from 2 to 21.7 inches (no, I don't know why it doesn't start at zero), and a glass vernier.  This is a very well done vernier system and it is much easier to read quickly than most.

The two knobs visible on the side of the slider/scribe assembly are a lock



Old Wooden (looks like oak to me) drill index, the label says Jobbers Straight Shank Drills, and in smaller print "one set of 9 drills, correctly tempered for easy cutting" sizes from 1/16 to 3/16 by 64ths, two smallest are missing as you can see in the picture.  At the bottom of the label it says "made in Germany" - I am guessing that these predate WWII - if it was post WWII it would say "west Germany", or it would not have been a wooden case. A price of 49 cents is stamped on one side of the wooden index.  The drills have their size and Germany marked on their shanks.  The index is about 2.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches high, 1/2 inch thick. This is an excellent condition (I'd say near new, probably only used once or twice) Russell Jennings signature line Expansive Bit made by Stanley. 

Included, as pictured are:

bulletThe bit itself
Three cutters of different sizes
bulletThe original plastic protective case

The back side of the case says "Solid Head" Expansive Bit No. 71B, STANLEY, The tool box of the world

In my limited internet research, it looks like this exact same model was marketed under the IRWIN moniker. This one is complete, the cutters will cut a radius from about 1/2 (7/8?) inch to 1.75 inches, or a 1 inch to 3.5 inch hole (maybe 3 inch?).  All three cutters are included - this is somewhat unusual, frequently one or more of the cutters get separated from the bit and lost. Not a micro-dial like the model 21, but uses a worm gear to drive the cutter back and forth. According to some other web sites, the small cutter will get you down to 7/8 inch, and the medium one up to about 2 1/4 inches.

The shank of the bit is stamped "71A" and has a rectangle with Russell Jennings written inside, and "Made in USA".


  This is a SIMCO static eliminator midget power unit.  Specifications are: bulletinput 120VAC bulletoutput 4KV RMS bulletSC current 3MA Max bulletModel H164G bulletUnit number M 82 89 bulletDate M 8 bulletUL and SA listed

from a calibration lab.  It's used with the SS-50 static neutralizing bars (see page 12 of the PDF file in link below).  The PDF file also includes a cross reference/compatability matrix for SIMCO power supplies.   Here is the link:

I have tested this unit, I can draw an appropriate arc from both sides of the trasformer, so I am sure it is working.  This transformer can also be used for HV experiments where large currents would be inappropriate.


 F Ridge reamer - for piston diameters from 3 3/8 inch to 3 9/16 inch - for example, the MOPAR L-head 6, and many other engines of the period - it says "MFD by All-Power MFG Co Pat Pend Los Angeles CA" - blade is in good condition. $9 Signode 5/8" .020 banding crimper 21 inches long stamped 1884 IM 1319
Fully functional, nice vintage unit.  Extra long handles give lots of leverage. 


$25 Shopsmith Tailstock - the casting says MAGNA 104-1 - for an older series of Shopsmith heavy cast iron armature turning tool, with Rivet 2H collet, 669 - presumably 5/8 inch - the armature shaft is held in the collet, and you turn the crank - a cutting tool, held perpendicular to the armature by a bracket that is held by the thumb screws is adjusted to take a cut - as you turn the hand wheel, the collet holding the armature slowly advances past the tool.  This was used to cut an armature where you didn't have a lathe handy (for example, in the field, or in an automotive shop0.  No brand name that I can find, USA is cast into the body.  Bracket shown at rear is for holding the tool in a vise. slot in base is 3/4 inch - has stops for 2 and 3 flute bits, uses collets