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Software and video games for Sale:



Starglider by Rainbird, IBM PC Vintage game 1986 complete package, the disk, the fold out of the starglider itself, the little PC instructions booklet, registration card, playguide, warranty, and Novella. So, from my bookshelf to yours......


This game is described on Wikipedia, here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starglider



Management software on 5.25 inch disks  $5 each

Assorted commercial software

Item Version Price Comments
Unopened Compaq Windows 98 SE CD and Reference Library CD $8.00
Compaq Windows NT (workstation and server both) plus various manuals $15
Item Specifics - Textbooks, Education 
Publisher: Microsoft Pr
ISBN: 0735605556
Publication Year: 1999

Computers & Internet
Good condition book for those who really want to exploit MS Office. 
Includes a CD (CD package is unopened). Original price $59.99. 
I used this in support of some development activities. The back of the book says:

"Roll out, support and optimize Microsoft's next-generation Office 
suite with expertise from those who know the technology best - 
the Microsoft office 2000 product team. This powerhouse reference packs 800+ pages 
of detailed technical drill-down plus exclusive tools and utilities on CD - all designed to 
help you save time, reduce support costs, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
Skier's Encyclopedia on CDROM $4

Everything you want to know about skiing!

Well, I don't know about that claim, but that's what it says on the cover of the CDROM - Made by ROMBOY, includes: Interactive Ski Lessons Sier's Almanac and Atlas Equipment Information

Great gift or stocking stuffer for someone interested in snow skiing. 

Storm  Quantitative Modeling and Decision Support 2.0 $5 3 original disks: marked 1,2,3, dated 1989
VTERM 1984 $45 In 1984, I was working on a very large project that would require access to VAX computers from a user's desktop via IBM PCs and XTs - I evaluated every terminal emulation package then on the market, and selected VTERM as the best (remember, this was in the very early days of PC software), and we ultimately bought around 150 copies.  This was my personal copy, and it has some of my evaluation notes on  yellow stickies in the manual, along with the purchase order ($160 for one copy).  Everything is there, including the very early verison of the software and a version that came out a bit later that fixed some bugs.  This is still an excellent package, I used it with a home built 300 baud modem to log in remotely, and later to post on bulletin board systems (anyone remember WWIV BBS system?).  I haven't used it in over a decade, so it's time for this to find a new home - this really should go into a collection - how many times will you find something like this with the purchase orders and whatnot?

 The software was made by Coefficient Systems Corporation, in New York - Google books has a mention of them here 


MS Dos 6.2 6.2 New` sealed package, with certificate, no original disks
MS DOS 5 Upgrade MS DOS 5 Upgrade 5 $12 Disks Only, MS DOS 5.0 upgrade - 3 disks.


Version Price Comments

Video Games

Item Description Price Comments


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