Computer Hardware For Sale

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Computer Hardware For Sale

IBM                     Apple II                           

If interested, contact me at


Generic stuff





HP Vectra keyboard cable - has round DIN connector on one end, square phone style connector on the other $2  

360K half height disk drives $8 each, as is - I think they all worked at one time, but I haven�t tested them in a long time, most (if not all) are marked "OK" with the date I tested them.

Parallel printer cable, new, 10 ft, DB 25 on one end, Centronics type connector on the other end, new in package, $5

Parallel printer cables with Centronics connector on both ends - have three of these, typically used with an A/B switch box $5 feach, $10 for all


$35  (I have some others too, ask)  (can't find this one right now)

others include:

Adessso pc membrane keyboard

early version of the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard



Analog EDGE joystick, made by SUNCOM. Has three fire control buttons, pitch and roll trim sliders, and a fire button control selector switch on the bottom. Works with PC joystick port.

I used to repair these things, I have a small box of them left over and I am cleaning out - this one is marked "OK", so I am sure I tested it and it was working - I have not retested it, so it is AS IS. I have no reason to believe that it has stopped working or been improperly stored.

If you have an older PC (for example an old XT or 386/386) that you would like to use for games, this joystick would be a useful addition.

I have only one left, $5




 video cable $5



Apple II



       5.25 disk drive with controller $75 for both, $50 for either one � this was my main test setup when I used to repair Apple IIs


last updated 06/11/2017