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Collectible Books

Dorthy L Pilsbury, Adobe Trilogy, all three books are autographed:

Roots in Adobe, University of New Mexico Press, 1959, Library of Congress Catalog Card No 59-13409

 Adobe Doorways, University of New Mexico Press, 1952, Library of Congress Catalog Card No 52-11521, second printing 1953

No High Adobe, University of New Mexico Press, 1953, Library of Congress Catalog Card No 50-10958, Third Printing 

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$250 for all three


Airport, Arthur Hailey, Doubleday & Co, 1968, I presume this is a 1st edition, hardback with dust cover - some shelf wear on dust cover $5
Wheels, Arthur Hailey, 1971, hardback, no dust cover, I presume this is 1st edition,  $4
Hotel, Arthur Hailey, 1975, hardback, no dust cover, I presume this is a 1st edition, $4
The plays of J.M.Barrie - The Admirable Chrchton - Charles Scribner & Sons - 1923, hardback with dust cover - dustcover is brittle and coming apart wtih age, book is in good condition $3
Farmer takes a wife, John Gould, 1948, paperback $1

Children/Young Adult

Echoes of War - J.M.Barrie - the old lady shows her medals, the new world, Barbara's Wedding, A well-remembered Voice -  Charles Scribner & Sons - 1920
Menagerie, Mary Britton Miller, Macmillan Co, 1928, children's rhymes about animals with nice woodblock prints, hardback
Runaway Rhymes - Alice Higgins & Tom Lamb - P.F. Volland Co, 1931, 127 pages, hardback - children's rhymes
Bob Son Of Battle - Alfred Ollivant - Illustrated Ed, Grosset and Dunlap, Copyright 1898 - I think this is a newer edition, but I don't find a publishing date - this is a story about a dog - hardback with dust cover, $4
Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson - Allyn and Bacon, 1925 (has receipt inside dated July '27) hardback, very good condition, hardback $4
Best Stories, Marjorie Hardy, the Child's Own Way series, Wheeler pub, 1935, hardback, no dust cover $5
Cross Creek, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Grosset & Dunlap, 1942, hardback no dust cover $5
The Swiss Family Robinson, johann Rudolf Wyss, the Windermere series, Rand McNally, 1930 edition, hardback, dustcover has been cut and pasted onto craft paper - $5
Famous children of Story Book Land,  Laura A Large, Platt & Munk, 1935, 222 pgs, hardback, no dust cover $4
The Jolly Tinker and other tales, Leonard S Hill, J.B. Lippincott, 1929, 187 pgs, hardback, no dust cover $4
I wonder Why - Milton Goldsmith 1939 plat & Munk - hardback with dust cover, very nice condition  (books for an inquisitive child)
Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, illustrated by Edna Cooke, Cupples & Leon co, NY, 1930, hardback, no dust cover
Joe and Sally, or A good Deed and its Fruits, American Tract Society, New York - quite old, no date, probably 1880 or thereabouts, 96 pgs, good (not perfect) condition, hardback
Penrod, His Complete Story, Booth Tarkington, Doubleday, 1931hardback with dust cover  $5



IVORY - Geoffrey Willis, 1968, First American edition published in 1969 by AS Barnes and Co, Library of Congress Catalog Card No 68-27235.  Discussion of all sorts of Ivory, the types of materials, history and its uses, etc.  hard back, excellent condition, with dust cover  $6
Moving Millions - an inside look at mass transit, Stanley L Fischler, first edition, 1979, ISBN 0-06--11272-7, hardback with dust cover - a couple of small tears in dust cover $5
LIFE SCIENCE LIBRARY - three books - Wheels, Energy, The Poles, 1967, 1967, 1962, hardback large format  $10 for all 3
The complete book of Composting - J. I. Rodale and staff of Organic Gardening and Farming magazine, 12th printing Nov 1971, Standard Book Number 87596-064-2
Flowers of the Holy Land - 25 reproductions of original water colors, Bertha Spaffort Vester, Hallmark Cards, 1964, Library of Congress Catalog Card No 62-14859, 80 pages, hardback with dust cover, good condition, some sun fading of dust cover
America's Quilts and Coverlets, Carleton L Safford and Robert Bishop, Weathervane Books, 1974, Library of Congress Catalog 72-82707, hardback with dust cover, 313 pages, many illustrations in color and B&W, large format
Frontier Days, Oliver G Swan, Grosset & Dunlap, 1928  (presumably a first edition) - hard back, nice cover, 250 pages
Literature and Life - Book Three - Greenlaw-Miles, 1923 - very good literature text, nice condition - $5
Ghost Town Album - Lambert Florin, Bonanza, Superior Publishing Co, Seattle, Library of Congress card 62-21937.  184 pgs, hardback with dust cover, nice condition, coffee table book with lots of photos 8 1/2" X 11"


Pamphlets, advertising, catalogs, etc

scouting skills exposition, Feb 1,2 1958  $2
oil island of Long Beach (CA) aprox 1980 $2

Business and Technical

Graham Turner "The Car Makers"
Like New: 
Subject: History
Topic: Europe Format: Paperback
Language: English Publication Year: 1964

pristine condition, probably unread.  From the collection of a long retired management professor, 270 pages, a pelican book. printed in the UK

 I found this review of the book on line here

New Left Review I/23, January-February 1964

 Henry Lester 

The Car Makers. Graham Turner. Eyre & Spottiswoode, 25s.

This survey covers most aspects of the motor industry: history, organization, employment conditions, Union action, technical advance, place in the world market, expansion plans. Turner is critical of managements for not creating conditions for workers’ ‘loyalty’ and critical of the workers for being ‘materialistic’. He is rather naive—for instance, his worried description of Communist strength at Ford’s ends: ‘Perhaps widespread lack of interest in religion has something to do with the mild assessment of Communism at Dagenham’—but his book contains willy-nilly much of interest to socialists. Among the points that come out clearly are:
1. The advanced stage of integration between component producers and car manufacturers;
2. The appalling work conditions on the assembly line (‘It’s just another form of Yogism—they automate your mind as well.’)
3. The expansionism of the industry, with all that entails vis-a-vis the need for overseas markets, the grave danger of over-production, the likelihood of still further integration.
There are many odd snips of information: half the cars sold in Britain go to company fleets and these fleets are disposed of regularly by large second-hand dealers who disperse them round the country; collaboration is in embryo between car and oil companies—branded oil is advertised on filler caps, etc. The Car Makers is exactly the kind of book which ought to be written by socialist journalists. We badly need lucid accounts of Britain’s key industries. Meanwhile, socialists would do well to read this book. Henry Lester

Vance Packard "The Waste Makers" 1964
Format: Paperback
Language: English Publication Year: 1964

from the collection of a long retired management professor, in pristine condition, probably unread.  Amazon says the ISBN for this book is 0671822942  but this particular book, third printing, 1964, does not show an ISBN.  Published by Pocket Books
Wikipedia says this about the book

 In 1960, cultural critic Vance Packard published The Waste Makers, promoted as an exposé of "the systematic attempt of business to make us wasteful, debt-ridden, permanently discontented individuals."[5]

Packard divided planned obsolescence into two sub categories: obsolescence of desirability and obsolescence of function. "Obsolescence of desirability", also called "psychological obsolescence", referred to marketers' attempts to wear out a product in the owner's mind. Packard quoted industrial designer George Nelson, who wrote: "Design... is an attempt to make a contribution through change. When no contribution is made or can be made, the only process available for giving the illusion of change is 'styling!'"[5]

 The author's obituary is here:

The Role of Top Management in the Control of Inventory By George W Plossl and W Evert Welch, 1979
Brand New: A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages. See the seller’s
Author: George W. Plossl, W. Evert Welch
Format: Hardcover 179 pages Publisher: Reston Pub Co
ISBN-10: 0835966976 Edition Description: Illustrated
ISBN-13: 9780835966979 Educational Level: College
Product Type: Textbook Publication Year: 1979
Subject: Business & Economics Language: English


Inventory Systems by Eliezer Naddor 1ed 1966


Format: Hardcover
Educational Level: College Product Type: Textbook
Publication Year: 1966 Subject: Business & Economics
Language: English  


Holden Fish Smith Top-Management Organization & Control
Business & Economics
Topic: -- Format: Hardcover
Language: English Publication Year: 1944

5th printing, 1944.  A research study of the management policies and practices of 31 leading industrial corporations conducted under the auspices of hte graduate school of business, Stanford University.  By Paul E Holden, Lounsbury S Fish, and Hubert L Smith.  Some marginal notes in pencil from the professor.

Introduction to Queueing Theory, Robert B Cooper 1st ed
sentences are underlined, but this is in very very clean condition
Subject: Business & Economics
Topic: Queueing Theory Format: Hardcover
Language: English Publication Year: 1972
Special Attributes: 1st Edition    


Saaty "Elements of Queuing Theory" 1st ed, 1st ed, 1961.  Introduction to Queuing Theory, With Applications - Thomas L Saaty.
ISBN-10: 0070543704
Subject: Business & Economics ISBN-13: 9780070543706
Topic: Queueing Theory Format: Hardcover
Language: English Publication Year: 1961
Special Attributes: 1st Edition    

Dynamic Administration, papers of Mary P Follett, 1940, 1st ed, 1972. Very nice condition, Dynamic Administration, the collected papers of Mary Parket Follett, edited by Henry C Metcalf, PhD and L Urwick, OBE, MC, MA, FIIA, published by Harper Brothers, New York - The forward is dated 1940, so I assume that is the publishing date

Towards a better understanding: US-Japan Relations

Published in 1983 by the Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs, US department of State, library of congress number 85-600608.  Looks unread/unopened- from the collection of a long retired professor of management. $5

Executive Action - E Learned, D Ulrich & D Booz, 1951

1st ed, 1972.  Very nice condition, with dust cover.  Executive Action, by Edmund P Learned, David N Ulrich, Donald R Booz.  Pub by Harvard University, Boston, 1951  218 pgs

The Machine That Changed the World - MIT study on autos

Who's ahead in the Global Auto Wars and why - Japan's wining

Detailed item info

Height: 9.5 in.
Width: 6 in.
Thickness: 1.2 in.
Weight: 21.6 oz.

Publisher's Note
Examines Japan's innovative, highly successful production methods
This immensely readable book describes the volatile trends that will shake the auto industry of the future--and in doing so paints a portrait of an industry regenerating itself in a new way in a global market.
Industry reviews
Based on MIT's five-year, 14-country study of the worldwide auto industry. Contrasts the increasingly obsolete mass production of the American industry with the Japanese auto industry's lean production, which welds the activities of everyone from top management to line workers, to suppliers, into a tightly integrated whole which increases production, quality, and responsiveness to consumers, while keeping costs down. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

bullet  Teach Yourself C++ in 24 hours - Jesse Liberty - 450 pages - book only - SAMS publishing - 1997, ISBN 0-672-31067-8  $5
bullet National Formulary (official copy), 1947, American Pharmaceutical Association, with supplement $15
bullet Stouffer, et al - The American Soldier, two books, "Combat and its aftermath", and "Adjustment during Army Life"  paperback, first science editions printing 1965, original copyright 1945.  One copy of each, $10 for the pair, very clean, undamaged, look unread - covers are brittle
bullet Microcomputer Software for Management Science and Operations Management - Barry Render & Ralph M Stair, Jr, includes disk of software for IBM PC, 1986, paperback $4
bullet Experimental Statistics Handbook 91, US  Department of  Commerce, Issued  Aug 1, 1963, hardback, excellent condition $8
bullet Strategic Management, Case Enrichment Portfolio for selected cases in, Samuel C Certo & J Paul Peter, 1990, McGraw Hill $4
bullet Fatigue of Workers, Its relation to industrial production, by Committee on work in Industry of the National Research Council, Reinhold Publishing Company 1941, hardback $2
bullet Human problems of an industrial civilization - Elton Mayo, Viking compass book, paperback, 6th printing 1968, original copyright, 1933 $4
bullet The industrial worker, 1840 to 1860, Norman Ware, printed 1964, original copyright 1924, paperback $4
bullet The protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism, Max Weber, Schribner edition, paperback, 1958
bullet Men at Work, William Foote Whyte, 1961, Dorsey Press, hardback, first printing June 61
bullet Dynamic  Administration, Metcalf and Urwick, Harper & Brothers pub, 1940
bullet Simulation and analysis of Industrial systems, Schmidt and Taylor, 1970, Richard D Irwin Inc pub, hardback