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I also make wooden pens out of various local and exotic woods.  A sample is shown to the left.  Click on the image to see a larger version, and use your browser's back button to return to this page.  You will note the small bulge near the tip of the thinner pens - this is to keep your fingers from sliding off - this is a feature that I find makes it much easier to use a thin pen without hand strain.  I do sell these pens - E mail me for details - remove the spaces from this address: w il   lia m_b_n  oble @ m s n . c o m 
These are turned from a piece of  mystery conifer that showed up on my front step.  The gray fungus and the transparent knots give it a special  look.  Diameter is about 6.5 inches.

13 inch natural edged Carob, oil and wax finish (sold)
Gallery of more of my turnings (click here)  
(click) Cheap faceplates - you can make these by welding a washer to a nut that fits your spindle - these are 1.25 in X 8tpi to fit my lathe - if you would like any, I sell them inexpensively  Click Here for information
 This is a sander made from the handle of a shovel, a Velcro sanding disk and two surplus ball bearings that I had lying around � it works really well. The handle is about 6 inches long (15 cm) oak. The shaft is � inch, the disk diameter is 2 inches. Held at an angle against the inside or outside of a bowl, the rotating bowl (or other object) will cause the disk to spin, thus turning the sand paper against the wood � it quickly removes stubborn scratch marks.  Copy this and make your own rather than buying a commercial one.

A lathe can be used for all sorts of things besides creating turned wood objects - for example, here is a picture of using the Stubby for painting my 36 Cad steering wheel - as you can see, it's larger than modern wheels - good thing I had a handy Stubby 1000 to use as a painting fixture - I set it to turn at about 5 RPM and sprayed on a thick coat of black urethane and then left the area (the urethane has really toxic vapor) -   I also used the lathe (rotating it by hand) and a sharp gouge and skew to shape the outer edge of the wheel - it all worked out nicely and would have been nearly impossible without such a handy "painting fixture" 

How to configure a Vacuum system for your lathe.  Click on the image to the left.
Vacuum pump manual    Glendale Woodturning Guild
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