My Turnings

Anything here (unless marked otherwise) is available for sale, contact me at  

The gallery that used to carry my work (in downtown Santa Monica) has closed, someday I'll have time to find a new gallery, in the interim, please contact me if you see something that interests you.  Most of these images are hyperlinked to a full sized image, so click on the image to see a larger picture.

Unless it says otherwise, all work are for sale

Swoopy Ash
ficus, approx 5 1/2 in high, 20in diameter
Photo by
Walnut and lacquer closed form
Walnut closed form, lacquer, worm eaten, approx 5 1/2in high, 8 in diameter.  Photo by
Ficus bowl
Ficus bowl with rolled edge, 12 3/4 diameter including the lip of the bowl the opening alone is 10 1/4in
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Silky oak - never again, I'm allergic to it

Eucalyptus lamp - hollowed to accept a CFL
Elm and glass


Ficus (leftmost one sold)



Carob - left the walls too thick, note cracks

Norfolk Island Pine

Cypress (about 18 inches) from near San Luis Obispo (not for sale)


Eucalyptus goblet - turned when the branch was very wet - turned to about 1/16" using a light shining through it to gauge thickness.  Then allowed to dry and completed with lacquer

Ficus 13 " diameter - sold at Brand Library "From Wood to Treasure" show

Ficus, 13" diameter

Eucalyptus lamp, walnut switch knob, lacquer, aprox 8 in diameter, 18 in high.  Uses a CFL. (Not for sale)


Walnut (spalted) sold

Oak (sold)

Walnut (sold)

Walnut (with worm holes) sold
Finishes - Lacquer for really high shine, Minwax tung oil and wax on other pieces. Comments - all woods from local trees, mostly green.  I really like the colors in the eucalyptus (all natural).  Elm

Last updated 10/26/2015