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this is a high resolution picture - you can download it or use your browser to enlarge it if you wish.

ABENE (Sweden) VHF-3

ok, everyone needs their own milling machine, right?  this one is mine - it's a horizontal and a vertical mill in one, NMTB 40 taper in the spindle, 6 hp spindle motor, 2 hp xyz motor, and a multispeed gearbox on both the traverse and spindle.  Since I don't have 3 phase power in my shop, I run this with a simple one capacitor and one relay static phase converter off of 220 single phase.


Rockwell DP-10 - this is the old type 17 inch drill press - it's been repainted in Imron paint (I like that green color) - I took it all apart, bead blasted and cleaned everything, replaced all the bearings and broken gears, new belt, etc.  It runs on a variable frequency drive (the gray box on the side) so I can have any speed I want.  This is a huge improvement over the Taiwan drill press it replaced - the added weight (nearly 400 pounds) seems to make a lot of difference.

The manual and parts list for this drill press are available here

Logan Powermatic lathe, with a 2 HP motor driven by a Delta VFD - notice the RPM readout above the Logan logo where the drum switch used to be - this reads the spindle speed via an inductive pickup that counts the bull gear teeth as they come by.  Aloris BXA series tool post/holders.  12" swing.  The Trav-a-dial indicator is held in a bracket that I made that in turn holds the threading indicator
Close up view of a floating tool holder accessory I made for tapping and reaming.  Because drill chucks aren't perfect, frequently a tap or reamer held in a drill chuck will not align with a properly centered hole - this floating holder solves that issue - the holder itself has a 3MT taper that is the same as the tailstock, so I can use the same tooling I already have.  It's machined out of steel to ride on the same ways as the tailstock and to hold the tool holder at center height, painted with Imron.
Click to Enlarge  Not all tools have to be beautiful - this home made 12" wire brush with 1.5 HP motor is very useful, it's made with a 5/8 saw arbor an abandoned swing set and a wheel found in the trash - I've had it a long time and use it often, more often than almost any other tool.

I've had this welder for a long time, works well, AC only.