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How to repair the electric window switch on a 993 (and some other Porsche cars)

How to realign the convertible top on a Porsche 993

How to replace the front and rear gas springs (hood springs) on a Porsche 993

How to adjust the fan belts on a Porsche 993

How to repair the inside door latch cable (Porsche 944, etc)

Making a front motor mount for a 1936 Cadillac

944/924 sloppy shift lever repair procedure

59 Eldorado

The color is Persian Sand

Interior is pink as is the vinyl top

carburetors are 3 Rodchester 2BBL with a vacuum linkage (this is 100% stock)

Picture was taken at the Madonna Inn, Oct 2000.  The Madonna Inn is the perfect place for such a car.

These two photos were taken with a Kodak DC-20 camera.  As you can see, the car really does have fins.  And, quite a rear overhang too.  It's the only thing I've ever driven where you can see the tail lights in the rear view mirror.  But the tri-power makes it pretty fast.

Here is an article about repairing and changing the fuel sender

after many years, changed the exhaust system - new stainless exhaust fit mostly OK, had to make new hangers.  Old mufflers

36 Cadillac model 6019

body goes out for sand blasting

about 1983

Well, it's now 2002 and the car is progressing slowly.  Very slowly.  The engine is done, the body is back on the frame, but there is a lot of woodwork to be done before I can remount the doors and do the interior .  In fact, it's sat so long there are some cracks in the paint that will need to be repaired.  But some day it will be on the road.  The question is, "When?". 

Click here for photo of the steering wheel drying after painting - note the cool fixture

Jul 2010 This photo shows the "after" view, I've replaced the rear door support and the dogleg, this is, as you might imagine a bit of a chore, it requires removing the rear window frame (half of which has been reinstalled in this photo), removing the sheet  metal covers over the door support and dogleg, getting the old rotten wood out, cleaning up the metal and priming to protect it, and then fighting to get the new pieces of wood into the dogleg and behind the welded vertical bracket.  Clearly there was no intent at the time that this would be a routine operation.

Another 'After' view

The rear window before installing the soft wood frame around it

More on rebuilding the rear doors

Restoring the hood assembly 

Making the special bolt that holds the sidemount clamp

title sold 2011 38 Plymouth P-6, L head 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed stick shift (original, of course), bought 1971, sold under some duress in 2011.  Color was originally black, in the photo it is "dark cordovan"

here's the story:

in 1971, I saw an advertisement for a 1938 Plymouth in the local (now non-existent) newspaper for the grand sum of $40 - not running. I bought it, dragged it home, and that was the first car I did any "real" work on - I pulled the engine apart (breaking many cheap tools and learning the value of decent tools), discovered it was destroyed, replaced it with another one, fixed brakes, made upholstery with help from my girlfriend (who was foolish enough to marry me later), and drove it for over a decade. Eventually, I started to drive something else and offered it for sale - a guy named Si Mogul called me and offered to lease it to movies - so I lent him the car and I got a few checks - thereafter, when I called periodically the story was "well, it is earning its storage fees but not a lot more" - I figured "free storage is good" and let it ride. In mid 2010, I got a "notice of lien sale" in the mail - apparently Si had died, the woman managing his estate had sold my car to someone else and they were trying to create title to it. To make this story short, things got nasty, and in the end the path of minimum risk and best cost/benefit was to sell the title and give up on the car. This leaves me with a pile of parts and stuff that I had saved for the day I got the car back. .

Click here to see what parts I have left from this car.

1951 Dodge Coronet, Seafoam green

L head 6 cylinder engine, fluid drive


hood emblem

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