Drop this html document into the root directory of your webserver. If you run log analasys programs like Web Trends or Funnel Web then you should tell those programs to ignore reporting on any hits to portsentry.html or you will get a false idea of how many visitors are actually coming to your site.

Once this document is on your web server we need you to write to with the full URL (example: When we receive your e-mail we will add a 5 minute recurring test that loads this page and looks for the word "Pagesentry".

If the pagesentry program does not complete the test successfully, L A Bridge staff are immediately notified on their text pagers.

When you write in be sure to give us a list of e-mail and SMS addresses where you would like us to send server-down/server-backUp notices. If you think you might have lost access to your server you should always try visiting before calling in. Bookmark it now!